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Stylage® HydroMax 1ml

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Stylage Hydromax 1ml  is a hyaluronic acid dermal filler. It is a mesotherapy product, designed for enhancing the skin. It is best for the forehead, crow’s feet, and nasolabial perioral wrinkles. Also, it contains sorbitol, which is a very strong antioxidant. This helps to maintain hydration and reduces the degradation of weakly cross-linked hyaluronic acid right after. It produces a sensation of freshness immediately after the treatment and creates a long lasting moisturizing effect.

What is in the box

1 x 1ml syringe
1 x 30G 1/8″ & 1 x 30G 1/2″ needle
12,5 mg/g Cross-linked hyaluronic acid

  • Reshaping the face
  • Erasing Wrinkles
  • Restoring skin hydration, firmness and luster
  • Resulting are obvious right after the treatment
  • Perfect for both men and women


After the treatment there are some things that patients should avoid including the following. Otherwise, they may result in a range of side-effects, such as thermal shock, contrasting temperatures, sun exposure, UV light and frozen gel application.


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